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Sustainable Environmental Development

Each track consists of a series of green solutions applicable either in a complex or separately. We suggest you should choose one or multiple tracks.
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Who Can We Help?

  • Corporations
    We provide audit; create and update CSR strategies, enriching them with measurable targets; consult on ecological and climate risks, make competent reports.
  • SMEs
    We work out a relevant sustainability strategies for small and medium entrepreneurs, and implement it according the companies' values and business-models.
  • Social Startups
    We help to strengthen the demand for social entrepreneurs' products and services by introducing environmentally friendly principles into work processes.
  • Non-Profit Sector
    We help non-profit teams to develop and strengthen the sustainability agenda in their own corporate culture.
  • Public Institutions
    We help to make transition to green practices for schools, universities, museums, libraries, and other urban public spaces.
  • You
    We support those who start with themselves. For many years now, our team has been walking the path of environmental awareness and search for harmony with the world and nature.
    Join us!

How We Work?

Set the direction
We discuss the client's request. We conduct the audit according to the methodology developed together with Russian and foreign experts in life cycle assessment. We identify growth points for the organization's environmental responsibility. We select priority areas from our service constructor.
Make a Roadmap
We always use a systematic approach to the task: we study market trends and public sentiment, offering sustainable solutions with a long-term effect. We develop a project plan, paying particular attention to risk management and measurable results of ecological transformation of business processes. Once the plan is agreed with the client, we can hit the road!
Control the movement
We follow the checkpoints defined in advance. We undertake operational tasks and interaction with project partners. We implement the plan step by step, holding meetings with experts, implement infrastructure, sharing knowledge and information openly with the client, and set up processes.
Analyze the way we've covered
We calculate how many resources have been saved, and what sustainable effect the project has had on the environment, the community, and the organization itself. We get feedback from the client. We identify the most important lessons learned and give recommendations for further work.
We help to move forward
We stay in touch on any matter and are open to new initiatives!