To be environmentally aware

Sustainability is made up of the right decisions, backed by knowledge, interest and habits. We help shape all of these elements through education and the greening of corporate events.

Lectures, workshops, events

We work at the request of the client to conduct educational events for employees, as well as the greening of corporate events.
We offer a wide range of topics for lectures, workshops, discussions, and lessons on the topic of sustainability, for example:
  • From eco-idea to action
    Do you want to make your office, home, and workplace environmentally friendly, but you do not know how to spark the interest of your colleagues, management, and neighbors? We will help you to realize your initiative and share our personal experience.
  • How to live and travel in an eco-friendly way
    Applying the same eco-habits in different environments and locations can be difficult. We will tell you how to maintain environmental awareness wherever you are.
  • Ecology in the country: legislation, movements, trends
    How is the waste management system arranged? Does recycling exist in your country? Where can you get reliable open data on the quality of water and air in my city? We will answer these important questions and more.
  • Circular economy: technologies for ecology
    What is the circular economy and how does it work within individual households, companies, and cities? We will talk about local and global practices.