Analysis & benchmarking

For sustainability strategies to be relevant to the company and to society, it is important to stay aware of trends. We can help you to analyze the current
context of sustainability, environmental philanthropy and legislation.

Our expertise is based on a detailed analysis of the best Russian and foreign practices in the field of sustainable environmental development and methods of their adaptation to specific conditions, which we are ready to share with you. There are no barriers for us in the search and analysis of global market trends, legislation, and activities of public organizations.
To develop corporate social responsibility (CSR) it is important for companies to be aware of social investment trends. We will help you choose the most effective direction of charitable cooperation for your company, as well as the optimal strategy for socially important impact investments.


High-quality data collection and analysis of the set task are the key to successful work in any project. We will provide this data in the form of analytical reports and reviews.
We are in the flow of news and events in our professional field and are ready to provide you with the most current and accurate information on trends.
Social investing allows a company to make money. According to the Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets, the rate of return on social businesses is between 5% and 6%.